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Available ONLY in March & April

Step 1: Read Guidelines

Spring is here, and it’s time to show your school spirit & share your pride, by adding a yard sign to your spring & summer house landscaping! Looks good propped up in your home or business window too. Perfect addition to your graduation open house decor!

Fine Arts Boosters Spirit Yard Signs cost $25/sign if ordered by Monday, April 10th. Orders for signs received after that will cost $35.

Signs are 18” x 24” in size and made of durable corrugated plastic with UV protected ink to prevent fading. Proceeds from sign sales go toward supporting fine arts activities at Gilbert schools. You will be contacted when your sign is ready for pick up at school.

Signs are not limited to just GMS & GHS students. They can be customized in any way you want, and can be used to reflect your school spirit. Anyone can order these and show their support for Gilbert Schools. If you choose not to customize your sign at all, you will receive the sign with just the large Gilbert “G” on it.

You may pay using a check or credit card. Please indicate the form of payment you will choose on the order form. If paying by credit card, please choose the “Pay Now” button under “Step 3”.

Make checks out to Gilbert Fine Arts Boosters and send payment to Gilbert FAB, PO Box# 192, Gilbert, IA 50105.

If you support the arts at Gilbert and you would rather “give” than purchase a sign, you can do so on the HOME page of the Gilbert Fine Arts and make a donation.

Step 2: Submit Order Information

Available ONLY in March & April

Step 3: Click to Pay

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