The Gilbert school district‘s music program has outgrown the current riser steps and acoustic sound shells used by our students for their music and choir performances. Therefore, the time has come to invest in new choir stage equipment that is safer for our students (guardrails on risers), easier and safer for staff to set up, move and dismantle, and large enough to accommodate the growing number of singers from kindergarten through 12th grade.

The cost of both the risers and shells is substantial and will total approximately $60,000. This equipment is costly but necessary, and will serve the district’s thriving music program needs for many more years ahead.

The Fine Arts Boosters have committed $15,000  towards the cost of the equipment, and are working with the schools, and school affiliated organizations, to secure additional funding.

The remaining balance needed to fund the project is $35,000…which is still a considerable amount. As a result, FAB is reaching to our outstandingly responsive and generous community members in hopes that many will step up and support this “fundRISER” campaign, so that our singers and audience can enjoy an improved performance experience as early as this coming fall.

Thank you for supporting the fine arts programs at Gilbert!

The Gilbert Fine Arts Boosters

Your support is needed before May 15, 2023

Our Mission

To support and enhance every student’s fine arts experience at Gilbert schools.

What We Do

    • Provide financial support to acquire materials for all school fine arts programs not covered by school budget.
    • Assist in covering the expenses of experts such as judges or workshop instructors.
    • Provide volunteers to assist during fine arts events or programs.
      Recognize and reward exceptional senior students with financial awards.
    • Manage the recycling bin that benefits a variety of Gilbert student clubs and activities.
    • Cover the cost of meals and snacks for a variety of student fine arts events.
    • Financial assistance to cover all or part of fees of a variety of workshops and camps attended by Gilbert students.

How We Do It

    • Funds from FAB memberships
    • Donations and sponsorships
    • Organize fundraisers
    • Income from the Gilbert redeemables & recycling station.

How You Can Help

Upcoming Events

march, 2023


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